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Jordan Burns

I started the Joy of Learning because I am passionate about supporting students who learn differently.

As a classroom teacher, it broke my heart to see students struggle with frustration and low self esteem because they couldn't access the classroom curriculum, and I became dedicated to learning how how to support these students. I got a Certificate in Educational Therapy through the University of California Riverside, trained in Orton Gillingham through IMSE, and pursued my Masters in Literacy and Dyslexia through the International Dyslexia Association Accredited program at the University of Central Arkansas. 

The other Learning Specialists on the team and I have devoted our careers to effectively teaching students with learning differences, and approach our work with genuine enthusiasm, expertise, and warmth.

Providing your child with the tools they need to succeed academically is a gift that will last them a lifetime. Speak to us today about setting your child up with a learning specialist who can help them thrive. 


Sean Mulherin

Sean graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a Master of Arts in Teaching Secondary Mathematics. He attended undergrad at North Carolina State University where he was a member of the XC/T&F team and received a BS Mathematics in 2019.


Sean loves spending time outdoors. Apart from running, he enjoys rock climbing, mountaineering, skiing and whitewater sports. His passion for outdoor exploration began in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and was cultivated in the Wind River Range of Wyoming during a summer long NOLS mountaineering course. Sean has spent many of his summers living, training, and working in the town of Jackson; it was during this time when he fell in love with the community of Jackson Hole. His passion for mentoring and teaching has been spurred on by my remarkable teachers, coaches, and parents. Throughout Sean’s graduate studies, he focused on developing the skills necessary to cultivate a learning space in which students feel empowered to investigate enticing ideas and explore new mathematical avenues. Sean has spent the past three years teaching math at local schools in the area, including Mountain Academy and Jackson Hole High School, where he currently works.


Fabian Salazar

Fabian is a native Spanish speaker. Fabian moved to Jackson Hole from Costa Rica three years ago where he worked in education with students of all ages. Fabian currently teaches Spanish at elementary level in Jackson Hole. Fabian loves the outdoors and working out.


Clinton Ghee

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Rachel Ursitti

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