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Our instructors are highly qualified, caring individuals who understand the students’ strengths and weaknesses and realize the importance of building confidence through improvement of academic skills, better organization, and self-discipline.

For better or worse, standardized tests are a necessity for any student seeking to pursue their education after high school. In the 21st century, there seems to be a standardized test to match almost every educational pathway and career. Yet, standardized tests are often not accurate measures of students’ talent and ability. Test anxiety, unfamiliarity with the format, and rusty academic skills too often contribute to results that are not commensurate with a student’s true ability. 

We are here to help!

Our tutors work one-on-one with students to familiarize them with format of standardized tests, introduce strategies for tackling hard problems, reinforce skills, and reduce test anxiety. Whether it is the ACT, SAT, SAT II subject tests, AP exams, high school entrance exam (ISEE/SSAT), or GRE, we are experts on the tests and how to get the best score possible. 

One-On-One Instruction

We believe one-on-one instruction is the foundation of excellent test preparation and educational success. Individualized sessions allow tutors to design custom lessons that hone in on lagging skills, correct misperceptions, and reinforce good study habits. Tutoring sessions offer nowhere to hide, confirming the student's preparedness or the lack thereof. The mentoring relationship that develops inspires students to learn and the individual attention from their tutor holds them accountable for their work in school and at home. There is simply no better way to prepare for standardized tests than with rigorous, individualized support from a highly qualified tutor.


  • Focused attention and guidance

  • Customized lessons based on student levels, strengths and weaknesses

  • Flexible appointment times fit into students’ busy lives. 

  • Effective use of time

  • Hands-on, experience-based education

  • Potential for true personal support

  • Personality-based motivation

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